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Sunday, February 9, 2014

LAS VEGAS WEDDING TIP: Careful What Guests You Invite

It seems that what happens in Las Vegas does not always stay in Las Vegas, as two wedding guests fund out: there are times you should not act crazy. This can only come from the news of the absurd as the Las Vegas Sun passes on an Associated Press report that two men have been sentenced to probation from an altercation at a Las Vegas Wedding.

It seems that the two defendants were one time wanna be Hells Angels but had been denied membership to the biker clan, so they crashed the Las Vegas wedding of a rival. It didn't take long before the wedding turned into a brawl with rival gangs members from Hells Angels and Mongols squaring off against each other. Well, the wedding would have been memorable.

Lesson learned? Be careful in inviting Hells Angels and Mongols as guests. Otherwise your Las Vegas wedding might get more memorable than you bargained for.

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